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My name is Julia Haaf and I am a postdoctoral research fellow working with EJ Wagenmakers at the Department of Psychological Methods (University of Amsterdam). Prior to that I was a graduate student in quantitative psychology at the University of Missouri working with Jeff Rouder. My research focuses on Bayesian hierarchical modeling of cognitive phenomena such as interference effects (Does everyone Stroop?), recognition memory, and subliminal priming.

Even though a large part of my research is developing statistical models, I am an experimental psychologist at heart, and I get excited about innovative, bold experimental designs. But I also believe that statistics are important to express and test psychological theory. And that Bayesian statistics are better suited to do so than conventional t-tests or ANOVA. My work particularly focusses on the usefulness of ordinal constraints in modeling. It seems that constraints on orders are particularly well suited as an expression of theoretical predicitions in psychology.

Throughout my research, I try to be transparent and provide data, code, and open access to manuscripts I wrote. Click here for a list of publications.

And this is Frank.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, the Open Science Framework, Google Scholar, and ResearchGate. Or contact me via email.