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I am an assistant professor at the Psychological Methods Unit of the University of Amsterdam. My research focuses on Bayesian hierarchical modeling of cognitive phenomena such as interference effects (Does everyone Stroop?), recognition memory, and subliminal priming. I am mainly interested in individual differences in cognitive tasks and how to disentangle stable, qualitative individual differences from sample noise.

Even though a large part of my research is developing statistical models, I am an experimental psychologist at heart, and I get excited about innovative, bold experimental designs. But I also believe that statistics are important to express and test psychological theory. And that Bayesian statistics are better suited to do so than conventional t-tests or ANOVA. My work particularly focuses on the usefulness of ordinal constraints in modeling. It seems that ordinal constraints are particularly well suited to capture theoretical predictions in psychology.

Before my current position I was a postdoctoral research fellow working with EJ Wagenmakers at the Department of Psychological Methods (University of Amsterdam). Prior to that I earned my PhD in quantitative psychology (2018) from the University of Missouri working with Jeff Rouder.

Throughout my research, I try to be transparent and provide data, code, and open access to manuscripts I wrote. Click here for a list of publications.

And this is Frank, my cat.



Aust, F., van Doorn, J., & Haaf, J. M. (2022). Translating default priors from linear mixed models to repeated-measures ANOVA and paired t-tests. PsyArXiv

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Haaf, J. M., Klaassen, F., & Rouder, J.N. (under review). Bayes factor vs. Posterior-Predictive Model Assessment: Insights from Ordinal Constraints. PsyArXiv

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Veenman, M., Stefan, A., & Haaf, J. M. (under review). Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling: An Introduction and Reassessment. PsyArXiv

In Press

Berkhout, S. W., Haaf, J. M., Gronau, Q. F., Heck, D. W., & Wagenmakers, E. (in press). A Tutorial on Bayesian Model-Averaged Meta-Analysis in JASP. Behavior Research Methods PsyArXiv

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Rouder, J. N., Kumar, A., & Haaf, J. M. (in press). Why Most Studies of Individual Differences With Inhibition Tasks Are Bound To Fail. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review PsyArXiv

Sarafoglou, A., Aust, F., Marsman, M., Wagenmakers, E.-J., & Haaf, J. M. (in press). multibridge: An R package to evaluate informed hypotheses in Binomial and Multinomial models. Behavior Research Methods PsyArXiv

Sarafoglou, A., Bartoš, F., Stefan, A. M., Haaf, J. M., & Wagenmakers, E. (in press). “This Behavior Strikes us as Ideal”: Assessment and Anticipations of Huisman (2022). Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Sarafoglou, A., Haaf, J. M., Ly, A., Gronau, Q. F., Wagenmakers, E., & Marsman, M. (in press). Evaluating Multinomial Order Restrictions with Bridge Sampling. Psychological Methods PDF


Donzallaz, M., Haaf, J. M., & Stevenson, C. (2023). Creative or Not? Hierarchical Diffusion Modeling of the Creative Evaluation Process. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 49(6), 849–865. PDF

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Van Geert, E., Moors, P., Haaf, J. M., & Wagemans, J. (accepted first-stage registered report). Same Stimulus, Same Temporal Context, Different Percept? Individual Differences in Hysteresis and Adaptation When Perceiving Multistable Dot Lattices. Stage 1 registered report. i-Perception, 13(4), 20416695221109300. PDF

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Invite Me! I enjoy giving workshops and talks. If you would like to invite me to your university, contact me. My expertise is in Bayesian hierarchical modeling, individual differences, meta-analysis, and reproducible coding in R.


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The Amsterdam Mathematical Psychology Lab organizes biweekly lab meetings at the Psych Methods group to discuss topics around mathematical psychology, Bayesian modeling and computational modeling. The lab meeting is currently open to collaborators, PhD students and master students. If you would like to join on a regular basis shoot me an email!



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